Welcome to my first blog!!
Today, everyone has a blog, so… I thought, why not?!
I’m a curious argentine girl, so basically this is my space to show you my world and how I see the things around me.
I’m a fashion designer with over 10 years industry experience, I love it, but one of my greatest passions is drawing and painting.
Now I’ve left my country with my adorable boyfriend, to follow our dream of world travel and discover and experience the more unexpected ways of life.
This blog Is about everything I like or dislike, agree or disagree with, it’s about me and about others, about my country and my culture and about other countries and cultures.
My blog, I like how that sounds! like my mind, it’s an eclectic mix of things I love: art, travel, fashion, photography, music, and who knows the amount of things i can find interesting! with -I hope- a particular point of view – mine!
So, manos a la obra!!!



20 thoughts on “About

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